Letter To A Political Prisoner:
Gerhard Lauck

Gerhard Lauck,                                  93c Venner Road,
American Citizen & Political Prisoner,                 Sydenham,
Anstalt I,                                      London SE26 5HU.
Suhrenkamp 92,                                     0181 659 7713
22335 Hamburg,                 E-Mail A_Baron@ABaron.Demon.Co.UK

June 23, 1997

Dear Gerhard Lauck,

I am writing after reading about your case on the Internet. 
Harold Covington has publicised it widely. He was also very good 
to me when I was thrown into gaol on a bum rap, even though I am 
an anti-Nazi. I have also seen the odd reference to your case in 
the press here. On August 23, 1996 the London Times reported 

German court jails American Hitler fanatic for four years

Gary Lauck was gaoled for four years at Hamburg for "spreading 
banned Nazi propaganda, instigating racial hatred and using the 
swastika on material sent through the German mail."

The following day the same newspaper carried the following story:

Israel prepares to deport 100,000 foreign workers

Israel is said to be drawing up plans to expel more than 100,000 
illegal foreign workers "fearing they represent a social time 
bomb which could challenge the very identity of the Jewish 

One leading political/religious spokesman quoted thus: Israel was 
not intended as a refuge for "people from all over who do not 
belong here".

Talk about chutzpah. Leaving this aside, your conviction and 
imprisonment is an affront to the rule of law. It is ironic that 
the people who make the most noise about the evils of Nazism are 
*  creating a system which will make Hitler's tyranny look posit-
ively benign.

Yours sincerely,
A Baron

* In the original "are" was spelt re!

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