Letter From Hell

Gerry Gable,
Searchlight Magazine,
49 Herent Drive,

July 28, 2000
(Tammuz 25, 5760)

Dear Gerry Gable,

My name is Dr Barukh Goldstein; you know me, donít you Gerry? And you know where I am now. Iíve had a seat at the Devilís right hand since I exterminated 29 worthless, anti-Semitic goyim in a Hebron mosque in February 1994. You know about that, donít you Gerry? Of course you do. Donít turn away when Iím talking to you, you shtik drek. Iím writing to you to ask you, to tell you, no, to order you, to set the record straight. Why Gerry do you fawn over pathetic Nazi swine like David Copeland while you ignore me completely? Why too do you continue to lie about bringing to justice Nazis for a murder they didnít commit? Let me spell it out for you, Gerry. You are a spineless yentzer and unworthy of the name Jew.

Virtually the whole of the July issue of your magazine is devoted to this pathetic wimp Copeland. How many goyim did he kill? Three. Okay, four if you include the unborn child of the goyeh. And how many did I kill? Twenty-nine, yes, T-W-E-N-T-Y N-I-N-E. Okay, so they were only Arabs, and Palestinian Arabs at that, and as the rabbi said at my funeral, a million of them arenít worth a Jewish fingernail, but surely the extermination of twenty-nine Arab goyim by a noble Jew is worthy of a paragraph in Searchlight, yet you didnít even mention my heroic deed. Not one word did you publish at the time, nor since. All you can think about is Nazis. Where is your racial pride, Gerry?

In the July issue you and your chums rail at how Copelandís so-called outrages were the inevitable result of the British National Partyís policies and rhetoric. But Gerry, I am the inevitable result of Zionism and Zionist rhetoric. Why do you rail at the Nazis, who were vanquished long ago, yet turn a blind eye to the extraordinary accomplishments of one of the most devout practitioners of the Master Race theory of political Zionism?

You did the same thing with the murder of that Stephen Lawrence kid, who was not only a goy but a schwartzer, and youíve done it many times before. What is so special about the lone nutters and psychopaths who perpetrate such murders, Gerry? Why do they grab all the headlines in your magazine while a noble Jew like myself is consigned to the memory hole?

The same issue of your magazine also contains a report - not for the first time - on the 1960s synagogue arsons. This campaign left "one theological student dead", and another with serious spinal injuries. And of course, the only reason the arsonists were arrested was because of the efforts of ďa Searchlight investigation teamĒ.

Gerry, Gerry, Gerry, how many times has this lie been exposed? How many times must you be reminded that 15 year old Woolf Katz died in an accidental fire at the Mesifta Talmudical College in Stamford Hill in November 1964, four months before the acolytes of FranÁoise Jordan burned Brondesbury Synagogue to the ground?

Yes Gerry, I remember what you told the Jewish Chronicle in October 1987: ďI stood in the burnt-out shell of that yeshiva at four in the morning and made a private vow to get the people whoíd done thatĒ. But the alarm wasnít raised until 4am, was it Gerry? You can read all about it in the contemporary Jewish Chronicle, but the paper didnít even bother to delve into its own archive to expose your lies because itís staff are every bit as corrupt and venal as you, Gerry.

Letís have no more of this specious talk, and no more of these lies. Forget about the wimp Copeland, in the next issue give some space to Barukh Goldsteinís heroic deeds, and donít forget to speak my name with pride, for I symbolise Zionism in its true form.

Burning in Hell

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