(i) Circumstances

At times we find ourselves in circumstances
Such as we thought could never come about,
A product of blind fate or reckless chances,
Either or both, we can do naught but doubt;
Our judgment seems to wither as a flower
Plucked and unwatered, fades with every hour.

(ii) Innocence

Who are the guilty ones when every road
Must lead to evil? Those who judge them goad
With veiled contempt, but theirs is not the load.

(iii) Culpability

Yet when all’s said, and done,
There are no innocents,
There can be none,
For such is Providence.

Life is cruel, short, equity oft’
Takes second place behind
A justice seldom soft,
Frequently blind.

(iv) Consequences

Unfair, unfortunate though it may be
’Tis actions govern culpability;
Choices, if limited, or none at all
Cannot exempt a man who’s doomed to fall;
Pity and sympathy he may deserve,
Those who are wise, their judgments will reserve,
But, ultimately, nothing can be said,
And the consequences rest on his head.

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