Leroy Cool Humiliates Abraham Foxman

Mr Foxman, Mr Foxman!


Thinks - On no, not that n...




Never-stop-asking-questions kid again.


Hello Delroy.




Thinks - They all look alike to me.
Says - Leroy, of course.


Er, I hope you havenít been talking to David Duke again?


No, Mr Foxman, Iíve been reading books about Jewish history.


Oh really, thatís good.


Yes, Iíve been reading about how Jews took control of the mass media.


What?? Where did you read that vile piece of anti-Semitic nonsense?


In An Empire Of Their Own: How The Jews Invented Hollywood, by the Jew Neal Gabler.


Oh that, I wouldnít believe everything he says.


And in an article by the Jewish journalist Joel Stein.




Yes, heís quite up front about it.


Oh, er...


Hey, and I found this great cartoon from the Arab press, look...



Really Leroy, youíre being incredibly gullible. Jews donít control the American Government, you know.


You got that right, Hymie!


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