Leroy Cool Nearly Gives Gerry Gable A Heart Attack

Mr Gable, Mr Gable!


Thinks - Oh no, not that feisty n...




Thinks - new kid on the block.
Says - Not you again, are you following me, young man?


No sir, Iíve just been to see my girlfriend.


Thinks - I hope sheís white
Says - Oh, is she a n...




non-resident like you, or did you meet here?


No sir, I met her here; she lives in Chelmsford.


Chelmsford, thatís a long way out.


You ever been there?


Says - Oh yes, I know it well. So what is your girlfriend like?
Thinks - please let her be white, please let her be white.


Good looking, for a white girl. Ha, ha.


I hope youíre not being racist, young man.


Of course not, she really is white.


Thatís good.


Really, why?


Thinks - another step towards the total elimination of the Aryan race.
Says - Because I hate all forms of prejudice; I experienced so much of it growing up a Jew during and after the Second World War.


Thinks - Sure you did, Hymie, like all that bullshit about being chased home by Christian kids at Easter and that stupid canard about "Cabinet making or tailoring".
Says - Would you like to see a photograph of my girlfriend?


Of course.


Exhibits photo.




Cool, isnít she?


Cool? You canít go out with her.


Really, why not?


Sheís my grand-daughter!


Man, that sure showed that Hymie in his real colours; itís true what David Duke said, race-mixing is fine for goyim but not for the Chosen. Heck, I donít mess wií no white girls; if I did, Iíd never be able to look Minister Farrakhan in the eye again.


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