Leroy Cool Meets Gerry Gable And His Lovely Wife, Sonia

Excuse me, sir, aren’t you Gerry Gable, the publisher of Searchlight magazine?


Hello sonny, yes, I am indeed. Do I know you?


No, but I recognise you and your wife Sonia from the Camden New Journal.


Oh right, do you live in Camden?


With this accent?


Are you from the States?


Yes Ma’am, I’m here on a scholarship.


Oh, you don’t look tall enough to play basketball.


Or hunky enough to play American football.


Thinks – You must think you is dealin’ wi’ some brother from de ghetto, you dumb white bitch?
Says – Actually Ma’am, I’m studying history.


Oh, Black History?


Thinks – Black History? Like I’d fall for any of that Kwanzaa shit.
Says – No Sir, Ma’am, European history, mainly the British Empire.


Are you studying at Syracuse University? I used to lecture there, you know.


Thinks – Yeah, I heard about dat; Associate Professionship in American Journalism. Jeezus.
Says – No Sir, I’m working at the Public Record Office; I’m currently researching ritual murder.


Oh, those vile Mediaeval canards against the Jews.


No, not Mediaeval, I’m studying 20th Century ritual murder cases.


Oh, you mean like the Beiliss case in Russia?


No, Ma’am, cases in Africa.


Oh, I didn’t realise there were any cases in Africa, at least not in the 20th Century. I suppose these filthy anti-Semitic liars can be found everywhere.


No, Ma’am, these are proven cases of ritual murder.


What? Are you suggesting there is any truth in these vile slanders against the Jewish people?


Jews? Heck, I’m not talking about Judaism. Haven’t you ever heard of African ritual murder?


African ritual murder? You mean these were n...




Nasty people in Africa who were murdering children and using their blood in sick rituals?


Yes, Ma’am.


Oh, I didn’t know that.


Yes, there was the case of the Odikro of Apedwa, a ritual murder in the Gold Coast. The trial of the accused was held in November-December 1944, and lasted 23 days.


During the Second World War?


Yes. That was a notorious case; there were other cases including the trials of Chiefs Bereng and Gabashane in Basutoland. They were hanged.


I never knew that, neither of us did.


There was even a case in Britain awhile ago, did you hear about that young boy’s torso that was fished out of the Thames in 2001?


Yes, I believe I did. Horrible, wasn’t it?


An acknowledged case of ritual murder.


By Africans?



Of course by Africans, Sonia.


Thinks – Some Africans are evil. Cool, I can live with that.


You learn something every day.


Says – You sure do.
Thinks – Sure, it’s perfectly okay to talk about African ritual murder in the 20th Century, or even today, but you even suggest that some time in the dark, distant past Jews might have practised it, and these Janus-faced Hymies will scream the place down.

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