Leroy Cool Meets Justin Forsyth

Excuse me, aren’t you Justin Forsyth, CEO of Save The Children?


Yes, do I know you?


No, but I wondered if I could ask you a couple of questions about sponsoring a child, like this one.



Yes, of course.


If I give £3 a month like in your advertisements, will all that money reach the child I sponsor?


Yes, of course.


All of it?


Well, there will be a small deduction for administration, of course.


Er, how small?


Well, we have our small London office to run; the staff there have to be paid.


How many of them are there?


Five hundred and ninety.




And then there is our advertising contract.


How much is that?


Four million pounds.




Then there is my modest salary.




£162,000 a year.


Very modest.


Plus expenses, of course.


Of course.


Sorry, there’s my flight. Nice to speak to you. Bye.




A hundred and sixty-two grand net; no wonder he’s smiling.


I guess Charles Dickens was right; charity really does begin at home.


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