Leroy Cool Meets The 9/11 Truth Movement


Hi, aren’t you Steve K?

Er, yes. Do I know you?

No, I recognised you by your hat.


Hi Steve.

Hi, Dr Griffin.

I’ve just heard the flight has been delayed for an hour.

Perhaps you two gents could use that time to explain to me how 9/11 was an inside job. I’ve never been able to get my head round that.

Certainly, why don’t you start from the beginning, Steve?

Sure thing.

Thinks: This should be good.

It all began when George Bush said to Dick Cheney...

Dick, how are we going to advance this darn New World Order?

Before we can do that, George, we have to trash the Constitution and turn America into a police state.

Yes, I suppose we’d have to. How are we going to do that?

Probably the best way would be to stage a terrorist incident and use that as a pretext for increased domestic surveillance, warrantless wiretaps and maybe detention without trial.

Yes, but simply staging an incident wouldn’t have that effect, we’d have to kill a good few people, ordinary members of the public.

Killing members of the public probably wouldn’t be a good idea; the conspiracy cranks would get suspicious. I think we’d have to kill a few of our own people, probably FBI agents.

Yes, how about we arrange to plant a bomb at the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia?

That wouldn’t work; remember I tried that at Oklahoma in 1995?

Good point, Bill.

I know, remember the Islamists bombed the World Trade Center in 1993?

I certainly do, it happened on my watch.

Well, how about we bomb the World Trade Center, but in spectacular fashion?

There is a lot of security on the ground; I don’t know you’d be able to get past the local police.

Hey, I’ve got an idea...

Dubya have an idea? That sounds a bit far fetched to me.

Listen, you dumb n...


Nitwit. Who’s telling this story, you or me?

Sorry, go on.

...Why don’t we fly a plane into it? That would be spectacular.

Great idea, George. Hey, how about two planes, one for each tower?

That would be spectacular indeed; the buildings might even collapse if they hit with enough force and the planes’ fuel sets them on fire.

When they thought about it though, they realised plane crashes wouldn’t be enough.

Okay, we’ll need a controlled demolition as well, on both buildings.

I appreciate this guys, but would it be possible to bring down Building 7 as well?

I imagine so; it’s quite likely some of the debris from the crash will hit the building and set it on fire.

Great, but can you talk to the fire department chief and tell him to make sure they leave it to burn for seven hours, just to make absolutely sure it comes down?

That shouldn’t be too difficult; the fire department will have their hands full when the Twin Towers collapse.

Undoubtedly so, they’ll probably lose 343 men that day, so they’ll be under pressure to attend to the main event.

Just be careful you don’t say anything to give the game away, like telling the fire chief to pull it.

Bill, not even a Gentile would be that dumb.

Better keep an eye on our press office too, Dick. We don’t want them telling the BBC the building has collapsed before it actually does.

You can always trust the BBC, Mr President.

I was thinking, George, wouldn’t it be even more convincing if we bombed the Pentagon too?

That’s a great idea, Dick. Say, why don’t we use a fourth plane to attack the White House?

That’s not a bad idea, but we don’t want to end up killing you as well.

Why don’t we stage the attacks for September 11? I’ll be in Florida that day.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring the plane down before the White House, somewhere like Shanksville?

Good idea. What flight would you suggest?

United Airlines 93.

Right. What about the plane to crash on the Pentagon?

Any chance you can use American Airlines Flight 77? Barbara Olson will be on board, and that fucking bitch published a really vicious book about Hillary.

Consider it done, Bill. Anything for an old Yale man.

Who are you going to use to fly the planes?

Obviously they’ll have to be Arabs.

I can recommend Mohamed Atta; he’s an Egyptian, he’s done some great work for the Mossad.

Can he find eighteen others?

Of course I can, many Arabs love Israel besides Nonie Darwish.

Glad you’re on board.

Always prepared to help my beloved Israel, but how do we escape from the planes before they crash?

Er, you don’t, but we will arrange for your father to claim to have spoken to you the day after the attacks.

But I’ll still be dead, right?

Yes, but look on the bright side, you’ll be helping to build the New World Order. When my administration tried to pull off something like this, we failed dismally.

Yeah, this time you’ll be joining the winning team. We can use these attacks as a pretext for invading both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hmm, I dunno.

Hey, I’ve got a proposition for ya; remember Joe Versus The Volcano?

Sure I do, it’s my favourite film.

How about I give you a special credit card? You can live it up, snort cocaine, sleep with white women...for three months, and then...

Can I go to Las Vegas? I’ve always wanted to go to Las Vegas.

Sure you can.

Hey, I even like the sound of that: Joe Versus The Volcano becomes Mo Versus The North Tower.

Can you do the same for the others, Larry?

No problem, Mr President, the insurance will more than cover it.

Dick, how are we going to arrange for the controlled demolitions?

I can sort that, Mr President.

Great stuff. I’ll see to it that you’re promoted to Director a week before the attacks.

It’s shaping up good, Mr President; Operation Northwoods was never like this.

So that’s the real story, is it?

More or less, yes, but we’ll probably never know the whole truth due to the government cover up.

Hmm, personally I think Holocaust Revisionism sounds a lot more plausible.

You filthy anti-Semite!

Damn, they’ve rumbled that I’m a government shill!

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