Leroy Cool Meets Loony Larry OíHara

Excuse me, arenít you Larry OíHara?

Thinks: Thatís a strange thing to say. And a strange accent.
Says: Larry who?

Larry OíHara, the publisher of Notes From The Borderland?


Yes, I thought I recognised you from YouTube.


Are you?

Am I what?

Larry OíHara.

Er, who wants to know?


And you are?

Leroy. Iím studying here on a fellowship.

Oh, where are you from? That sounds like an American accent.

Iím from New York.

Thinks: I thought so. He probably works for the CIA, even though heís a n...


...non-descript type. What are the chances of an American student recognising me in the street like that?
Says: I see. What are you studying?

History and government.

Thinks: History and government? The same as Mark Taha, that guy who works with Alexander Baron. That canít be a coincidence. I always thought there was something very suspicious about those two.
Says: Right, I suppose you would be. Youíre at university here?

No. Iím researching at Kew at the moment.

Thinks: Kew, Baron has researched there. And David Irving.

And Iíve got a couple of dissertations to read at Middlesex University.

Thinks: Middlesex, thatís where Gerry Gable got his MA in criminology. Yikes, itís clear now, heís a spy for Baron, Taha, Irving and Gable; theyíre all working for the secret state.

Are you coming to that meeting tonight?

Meeting, what meeting?

The one at the House of Commons, about intervention in the Middle East.

Is there?

Yes, it was advertised in your magazine.

What magazine?

Notes From The Borderland.

What makes you think thatís my magazine?

Well, you are Larry OíHara, arenít you?

Did I say that?

Iím not sure, did you?

Thinks: This is looking very suspicious now. Whyís he playing dumb?

Well, I can see you have a lot on your mind. Catch up with you at the meeting, maybe. Bye.

Thinks: That was close, Iím glad he wasnít carrying an umbrella, but how did he know Iíve got a lot on my mind? He must have hacked my mobile phone.

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