Leroy Cool Meets Sonia Gable

Hello Mrs Gable, fancy meeting you here.

Thinks: Oh no, not that little n...


Thinks: ...nitwit again.
Says: Hello, it’s Levi, isn’t it?


Of course. Didn’t expect to meet you here.

I came for the anti-war meeting, but it’s been cancelled.

Yes, we brought it to the attention of organiser Lord Ahmed that the speaker, James Thring, has been hanging around with Holocaust Deniers.

Is that why it was cancelled?


You were responsible for that?

Yes, we were.

So you want the West to bomb Iran and start World War III?

No, of course not, but we can’t allow Holocaust Deniers to spread their poison at the Palace of Westminster.

Talking of which, I just read your blog about the death of Anthony Hancock.

Yes, he was a leading Holocaust Denier.

You said you were glad he is dead.

Yes, I did, and I am, and we are.

It sounds like he left a bad taste in your mouth.

Yes, he did, very much so.

A bit like Keith Thompson of the League of St George.

I beg your pardon.

This is you, isn’t it, in your youthful nationalist days as Sonia Hochfelder?

Yes, but I was a mole.

A hole?

A mole! A spy.

Sure you were, and I’m the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Well, as the meeting is cancelled, I might as well go back to my hotel.

Good, and take your innuendo with you!

I’ll get a taxi, I’m not a great fan of bike rides. No offence.

She wasn’t expecting that; pity her husband wasn’t here, I could have asked him about that murder he solved. The one that never happened.

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