Leroy Cool Meets Abraham Foxman At The Lawrence Trial

Hi there, I’m back in London. The jury has just returned a verdict in the Stephen Lawrence trial. Two of those dudes who stuck him have been convicted by virtue of double jeopardy.


And here’s Doreen Lawrence talking to the press about this abrogation of the rule of law.


Hey, what’s he doing here?


Thank you Doreen, and on behalf of the Jewish community who understand what racism, persecution and intolerance mean, may I say we share your grief and we share your pain?


What, no reference to the Holocaust?



We must all of us stand together against bigotry, oppression, hatred and intolerance however they manifest, and whoever is the target.



So I urge all my brothers and sisters to petition your governments to bury this terrible legacy of racial hatred. We must all of us be prepared to take whatever steps it takes to end it forever, and that means we must...






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