Leroy Cool Meets Darcus Howe

Excuse me, arenít you Darcus Howe.


Yes, young man.


Youíll have to excuse me, Iím from the States.




I didnít realise you had riots here.


Yes, man. Black people are angry.


Angry about what?


About racist policing, about racist oppression, about racism.




Yes, young man, black people are angry.


Theyíre angry because the police smashed all these shop windows?


No man.


No, I thought they looted all these shops?


No man.


But they set all those buildings on fire and made people homeless, surely?


No man.


Then if the police didnít do it, who did?


Black people did.


But why?


Because they are angry!


Angry about what?


About the police destroying our communities!




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