Join A Pressure Group

Dissatisfied with life?
Is boredom worse than strife?
Feel like a chicken stuck up in a coop?
Then get active, involved,
There’s problems to be solved:
Get off your arse and join a pressure group.

Campaign for liberty,
Promote ecology,
Preserve old buildings, stimulate the arts,
Climb on the nature trail,
(Or something not so stale),
Help rid your neighbourhood of drugs or tarts.

Or what of UFOs?
Yes, the state really knows!
Campaign against official secrecy,
And then there’s air pollution,
Be part of the solution,
Join the crusade to make petrol lead-free.

There’s many things to do
(Whate’er your point of view),
Involve yourself! Be active in a troupe.
It’s one real pleasant feeling,
Rewarding and revealing,
Go on, go out and join a pressure group!

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