Jenny Lives With Eric And Martin

Jenny lives with Eric and Martin.
Jenny is a sweet, little blonde girl,
And Martin is her faggot father.

Yes, that’s right,
And Eric is not Erica,
But Martin’s live-in lover and fellow sodomite.
He has a hairy chin and an even hairier arse
Which Martin buggers in between washing the dishes and
Reading Jenny non-sexist nursery rhymes
Like Goldieperson And The Three Bears.

Here is Jenny.
And here are the two sodomites sitting on
The doorstep eating ice cream.
At least, I think that’s ice cream on Eric’s upper lip,
Although it does look suspiciously like something else.

Here comes Jenny’s mother, Karen.
She’s a degenerate too because she is quite happy for
Her five year old daughter to live in a ménage ŕ trois with
Her bumboy ex-husband and his catamite.

On the back cover of this book it says:

“They all live happily together, and this is the story of how they
spend their weekend.”

In fact, they don’t all live happily together.
Jenny is taken into care by Hackney Social Services
And fostered out to a lesbian couple [sic] under
The Borough’s Equal Opportunities Policy;
Karen undergoes a government drug rehabilitation programme;
Eric is arrested for importuning for
Immoral purposes in a public toilet;
And Martin dies of AIDS.

[The above was first published in TAKE IT LIKE A MAN! The ITMA Book Of “Gay” Verse.]

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