An Exploration Of Human Creativity,
The Profit Motive And
Alternatives To Financial Reward
A Dissertation On Intellectual Property And The Shareware Concept


This essay was actually written as long ago as 1991 as a Libertarian Alliance paper. LA Director Chris Tame said he liked it and it would definitely be published, but that Editorial Director Brian Micklethwait would publish a reply to it, or some comment. As I said, that was in 1991; I gather this is nothing unusual with Brian, and is certainly not with Chris. So here it is. Having said that, their tardigrade tendencies in this respect are more than compensated for in another department, the unparallelled and unqualified moral and practical support they have afforded me in my titanic struggle against the forces of darkness. I am indeed lucky to have such friends. Anyone who wants to know what the Hell Iím talking about should read my book The Churchill Papers, but thatís another story.

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