Take these so feeble arms, and make them strong,
Hardened and durable as tempered steel,
Take this dirge and reweave it to a song,
A hymn of life transmogrified with zeal.

Take these legs that are slow, and make them fast,
Take this nightmare, and spin instead a dream,
A dream that with a will will come to pass,
And will in turn a tortured soul redeem.

Take this incleanliness, and make it fine,
Take this humility and make it proud,
Take this unworthy gem, and make it shine,
Bring forth the sunlight where before was cloud.

Take this so wretched man, and make him grow
In depth and understanding; make him true,
True to himself that he may undergo
A change akin to being born anew.

January 28, 1985

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