In Search Of Inspiration

A snowflake magnified a thousand times,
Rainbows and faint aurorae in the sky,
A solitary church bell as it chimes
Is tracing patterns on the inner eye;
The twilight fox ahunt, alert and sly,
The Earth in shadow, Moon and Sun aligned;
The spider’s gossamer entraps the fly
And weaves a magic cobweb in my mind.
All this! Who could remain both uninspired and blind?

A rumour circulated far and wide
Spins in its wake a children’s fairy tale
Which, thrice rewritten, lyricked, versified,
Can be retold to Sam and Abigail;
A walk in sunshine, Autumn rain or hail
Becomes a siege, an unchecked fit of rage;
A yashmaked face or some more subtle veil,
A philanthropic act, some vile outrage,
All these propel the pen unceasing ’cross the page.

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