At the tail end of August 2008 I began a massive programme of scanning publications I had put out from the 1990s. The catalyst for this was some ad hoc scanning of photographs I had undertaken sometime earlier, in particular three of toxicologist Simon Wolff, whom I had interviewed in 1992. I started by scanning the pamphlet Smoking And Something Else..., and it mushroomed from there.

Because most of the pages I scanned ran to about a Megabyte or more, I was obliged to split up the publications into several files, but after I scanned this one I was pleasantly surprised to find that the entire twenty-four pages (including covers) came in at a mere 2.6Mb. I was, it is true, using a different scanner and machine, but it was in the same Internet Café, and as far as I could tell, identical. This means that I am able to put the entire pamphlet in this one file. It may mean too that in the near future I will rescan the publications I have already put on-line, but this is not a priority as things stand.

Regarding this pamphlet in particular, although it is concerned largely with a very specific group of mischief-makers, I believe it is one of the most important and seminal publications I have ever produced, because extrapolating from the specific to the general it solves the mystery of the entire Jewish Question.

A word here about “conspiracy”, although I have long been aware of the dictionary definition of this much used and abused word, I did not apply it properly here. A conspiracy is simply a combination of persons for an evil or unlawful purpose, a definition that is sufficiently broad to encompass almost all human activity. The organised hatred that I refer to herein can therefore be properly referred to as a conspiracy. Of course, anyone who accuses “Jews” or any combination of them however small of being engaged in a conspiracy will be conveniently written off as a nutter, bigot, and of course anti-Semite ad nauseum with the unstated premise that nothing that person says can be given any credence whatsoever, certainly as far as political or racial matters are concerned. Fortunately for us, that doesn’t quite wash any longer. Without further discussion or debate therefore, I invite the open-minded intelligent reader to study the fruits of my researches and make up his or her own mind.

Alexander Baron
September 18, 2008

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