Table 1: Alleged number of war criminals living in Canada

1971, 19 May       Simon Wiesenthal               Toronto Star              Several hundred
1975, 26 Dec.      Unidentified groups            Montreal Gazette          Over 50
1976, 1 Dec.       Michael Hanusiak               Toronto Star              At least 50
1977, 11 Nov.      Ian Adams                      Weekend Magazine          800
1979, 6 March      Robert Kaplan                  House of Commons          Over one dozen
1979, 6 March      Maurice Dupras                 House of Commons          Some 15
1979, 25 March     Olivia Ward                    Toronto Star              Over 1,000
1980, 28 April     Meir Halevi                    Globe and Mail            200
1981, January      Interdepartmental 
                   Commitee Report to Government                            50-100
1981, 24 Feb.      Sabina Citron                  Globe and Mail            1,000
1981, 29 May       Abraham Cooper                 Regina Leader-Post        1,000
1981, 13 July      Irwin Cotler                   Ottawa Citizen            At least 100
1981, 15 Sept.     Adalbert Rueckerl              Vancouver Sun             500-1,000
1982, 18 June      David Matas                    Toronto Star              50-60
1982, 12 Oct.      Charles Kremer                 Windsor Star              Over 2,000
1982, 6 Nov.       Dept. of Justice               Toronto Star              Handful
1982, 6 Nov.       RCMP                           Toronto Star              80-100
1982, 6 Nov.       Irwin Cotler                   Toronto Star              75-100
1983, 13 March     Robert Kaplan                  Toronto Sun               Over 100
1983, 13 April     Irwin Cotler                   La Presse                 Maybe 1,000
1983, 5 July       Jewish Defence                 Globe and Mail            Maybe 1,000
1983, 21 July      Adalbert Rueckerl              Globe and Mail            1,000
1983, 21 Nov.      Solicitor General              Globe and Mail            100
1983, 21 Nov.      Edward Greenspan               Globe and Mail            2,000
1984, 24 Jan.      Sol Littman                    London Free Press         2,000
1984, 8 Nov.       Sol Littman                    Toronto Star              3,000
1985, 16 Jan.      Simon Adler                    London Free Press         1,000
1985, 25 Jan.      Sol Littman                    Toronto Star              3,000
1985, 7 Feb.       John C. Crosbie                House of Commons          Relatively few
1985, 23 August    Sol Littman                    Report to Solicitor       2-3,000
1986, 16 May       Simon Wiesenthal               New York Daily News       6,000

We close this chapter with a few words about Simon Wiesenthal himself.

Afterword On Simon Wiesenthal

We will not cover here the allegations that Wiesenthal made against Chicago resident Frank Walus, which, led - starting in December 1974 - to a witch hunt against this totally innocent Polish-born American citizen; nor will we cover Wiesenthal’s own proven doctoring of an atrocity photograph or other dubious activity. We will point out though that the Director of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Center no less has denounced both Wiesenthal and the Center that bears his name for trivialising and commercialising the Holocaust. Wiesenthal is said to have stressed the necessity of impressing on the public that as well as the proverbial six million Jews the Nazis exterminated five million goyim, a “diplomatic” number chosen by Wiesenthal because while “The gentiles will not pay attention if we do not mention their victims, too”, it reminds the world that while others suffered under Nazism, the Jews still suffered more than anyone else. (64)

At long last though, the Exterminationist chickens are coming home to roost for this evil old man. On February 8, 1996, a TV documentary screened by the German TV station NDR exposed Wiesenthal to the world. Even though Revisionists - and even some non-Revisionists - have documented his nonsense for many years, this programme was presented to the world as an Earth-shattering revelation. According to one Revisionist source, the producer and the critics interviewed on the programme were all Jews. (65) The mainstream media was no less forthright; the Guardian described Wiesenthal as a “tragic bungler”; (66) doubtless in the years and decades to come, a far less charitable consensus will emerge.

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