Hillary Clinton: Anti-Semite?

Notwithstanding the fact that along with the equally boring epithet racist, although it is much over-used, there are some people who are definite candidates for the appellation anti-Semite. I know anti-Semites exist because I’ve met them, and I don’t mean people who hold bizarre or simply erroneous beliefs about Jews, I mean dedicated Jew-haters. There are some people though who are most definitely not anti-Semites, however odious they may be in their personal or political lives. One such person is Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is currently seeking the Democratic nomination for New York.

Clinton was described by a Times columnist in its July 22 issue as the most politically correct person in Arkansas, which may well be true. A long time campaigner for “liberal” causes - not all of them ignoble - she is the last person to be accused or even suspected of racial bigotry. Even her impeccable credentials are no barrier to Jewish smears however, so now she has been denounced as an anti-Semite on the basis that she shouted “you fucking Jew bastard” at her husband’s campaign manager twenty-six years ago. Yes, twenty-six, two-six.

Hillary though is in denial, it never happened, she says, which is obviously further evidence if not outright proof of her anti-Semitism, because who but an anti-Semite would accuse any Jewish person of lying? After all, isn’t branding any Jew a liar over anything tantamount to anti-Semitism, or even to Holocaust denial? Actually the person she is alleged to have screamed this abuse at is not Jewish, Halakhically, but it’s the thought that counts.

Why has Clinton been smeared in this manner, and surely this is scraping the barrel? Imagine that she had indeed lost her rag in said fashion. What would that prove? And twenty-six years ago?

Hillary is running for New York, and a lot of people, not only New York’s Jewish population, don’t like this. She is regarded as a carpet-bagger, and an opportunist. She is not the most likable person in the world or even in America, and doubtless there are many people who share her politics but can’t stand the woman personally. Leaving aside the New York controversy however, Hillary has done something else to antagonise Organised Jewry. Odious as Clinton is, she is one of these sincere politically correct types. There are some people, Jews, blacks, and others, whose campaigns for human rights, freedom, etc, are little more than window-dressing to mask their own agendas. Some people though take these things rather literally. Another example of this is Peter Hain, a former anti-Apartheid activist and South African renegade, now a government minister.

Hain, apparently a vociferous self-hating white, recently took Robert Mugabe to task, he of liberated Zimbabwe fame, over his plans to Africanise (steal) the property of that country’s white farmers and “redistribute” it to “war veterans”. Hain, it appears, acknowledges the fact that white people have rights too. Ditto Hillary re the Palestinians.

After decades of whining, wailing, gnashing their teeth and manipulating US foreign policy by every dirty trick in the book, Organised Jewry in America along with their co-racialists in the State of Israel have finally been dragged kicking and screaming to the negotiating table. Yassir Arafat, once demonised by hard line Zionists as the reincarnation of Hitler - yes, Hitler - is now no longer seen as a terrorist but as an internationally respected statesman.

Furthermore, an increasing number of American Jews as well as large tranches of the Israeli public now accept the fact that the Palestinian people have rights, and that something must be done to redress this decades’ long injustice. Liberal Hillary Clinton has been in the forefront of the American campaign for Palestinian rights, and some Jews don’t like it. Hillary’s problem is not that she is an anti-Semite, but that although she is a Jewish arse kisser, she doesn’t kiss Jewish arses enough. She is also living proof that the real definition of an anti-Semite is not someone who doesn’t like Jews, but someone some Jew somewhere doesn’t like.

Join the club, Hillary.

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