The Only Good Fascist Is A Dead One is a collection of five short stories that was published on the ITMA label in August 1994. As with most of my later publications, it didnít exactly set the world alight; I canít remember how many I produced, but the print run was very small, I did though receive a hearty compliment for the first of the collection, from a lawyer who will remain nameless.

The Good Samaritan was published on this site in HTML format in October 2000; Chamber Of Horrors was added the following month, along with the unrelated Flight In The Dark and Love Transcendence.

I had not intended to add the others, but the evolution of the Internet and the passage of time have conspired to change my mind. The Only Good Fascist Is A Dead One can be found in the compressed PDF file linked below; the stories are, in order: Justifiable Homicide, Judgement At Nuremberg, Chamber Of Horrors, The Good Samaritan and The Evil Of This Ignorance.

Chamber Of Horrors is the only story in the collection of which I am really proud. For some reason that now eludes me, when I published it here I split the file into two parts; I have now condensed it into one file; if you prefer the HTML version, click here; likewise, if you would prefer to read The Good Samaritan in HTML format, click here.

Alexander Baron,

November 1, 2009

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