A Good Catholic

Pat’s a good Catholic, apart from his bragging,
And swearing and boozing, and scoring and blagging,
He goes to mass regular, but not confession,
That wouldn’t be wise in his kind of profession;
He’s rough and he’ll take on most anyone here,
He hates all the screws, that’s a fact he makes clear;
To look at him you wouldn’t think that he’d gone
To public school and was a bit of a don;
The beard and tattoos make him seem a lot coarser
Than someone who’s read Latin, Shakespeare and Chaucer.
Yes, Pat has his faults, and he steals and he schemes,
But he’s not quite gangster that often he seems,
For he’s a good church-going Catholic is Pat,
A God-fearing fellow, you must give him that.


Yeah, he wasn’t a bad guy either.

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