Letter To Gerry Gable

Below is the full text of the pre-action letter I sent to Gerry Gable before suing him, successfully, for libel.

                                   93c Venner Road,
                                   London SE26 5HU.
                                   081 659 7713.

16th November 1993,

Dear Mr Gable,

You have finally flipped your lid. When I told you I wanted you 
to make me famous I didn't mean to libel me silly. That is what 
you have done. As you are obviously mentally ill, and I don't 
want to take unfair advantage of your neurosis, I will give you a 
chance to retract. The facts are as follows:

1) One, my name is Alexander Baron, not Alex Baron. It may sound 
a little point to you, but it's one that really irritates me.

2) I am not any sort of hoaxer.

3) I am not spending huge amounts of money on anything. I wish I 

4) My publications are thoroughly and meticulously researched. 
And, as you well know, embarrassingly accurate.

5) I am not the publisher or distributor of any anti-Semitic or 
other forgery. All my publications have my name and address on 
them, all are genuine and none incite hatred against or preach 
hatred of Jews.

6) You may find my letter to "Searchlight" offensive, but I doubt 
a court would.

7) I did not boast that I have access to other printing facili-
ties, what I said was that I have off-site backups all over the 
place. I am still using the same printing facilities I did be-
fore. One in Hendon, another in Stamford Hill. And all strictly 

8) I have no connection with any hoax leaflet, pamphlet or any 
publication concerning a bus service for Orthodox Jews. This is a 
lie pure and simple, as you well know. The police haven't enough 
evidence to charge me with any offence much less lock me up, and 
I have now taken the initiative. Give your ugly friend Julian a 
ring and he'll tell you what I mean.

9) I am not working with Larry O'Hara, who in any case is his own 
man, and no one's errand boy.

10) I am not working with Mark Taha, whose links with the British 
Movement and the League of St George are just as tenuous as his 
links with the SWP and the Green Party. He also has "links" with 
your lie-ridden rag because he subscribes to it, as you damn well 

11) On page 15, you don't mention me by name but imply that I am 
a "buddy" of Patrick Harrington. If you had taken the trouble to 
read "Searchlight on a Searchliar" you would see exactly what I 
think of Patrick Harrington.

12) You claim that I am one of the largest distributors of anti-
Semitic material in Britain. This is an outright lie, and if you 
don't retract, I'll sue.

In fact, if you don't publish a full and unqualified retraction 
in the next issue of "Searchlight" I will issue a summons against 
your error-prone, lie-ridden, mischief-making magazine in the 
High Court the day after it hits the street. Is that clear? If 
you want to sue me, you're welcome to, but bear in mind that all 
my publications are thoroughly referenced, and that no one is 
entitled to protection for a reputation he does not deserve to 

Yours sincerely,
A Baron

copies to Larry O'Hara, the "Journalist", Mark Taha and selected 

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