The Song Of George Michael

That wicked George Bush is a piece of shit,
And Blair licking his arsehole is a bore,
But my cute arsehole is a nice tight fit,
Thatís why I prefer making love to war.

I call it love, but others donít agree,
Like the LA police, they call it crime
When itís done in a bog so publicly,
Entrapped by undercover PD slime.

I only flashed my pecker, you might think
A simple lewd act wouldnít be enough
To get me thrown into the local clink;
I didnít complain cos I like it rough!

A fine for you, they said, you shameless fag,
Who gives a fuck? Iím worth a tidy sum,
Next time Iíll be more careful where I shag,
Especílly when I take it up the bum.

Now shoot the dog, we donít want war, I say,
Or maybe thatís not such a bright idea,
For in Iraq they stone you if youíre gay:
On second thoughts, Bush has the right idea!

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