An Address By Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911)
To A Contemporary Meeting Of
The American Association For The Advancement of Science

Gentlemen, the subject of my address
Will not be popular with most of you,
But I must raise it now, while there’s still time,
Because, increasingly, your minds are closed;
The propaganda of the enemy
Has muffled your ears, tied your very tongues,
You are paralysed, afraid to speak out:
Those of you who can still remember how.
’Tis amazing that it should come to this,
But it appears the dead must speak for you.

You must not shrink from investigating
The ways and means of improving the race,
For now, more than ever, the Welfare State
Enables those least fitted to survive,
Encourages those least desired, to breed.
Alas, it is no new phenomenon
That the weak of the world are most fecund,
While the strong and gifted remain childless -
Lo! Galton himself died without issue,
(Might some say he practised not what he preached?)

Putting aside fine phrases, and the shouts
Of those who denounce in hysteria
The path trod by the régime of Hitler,
Those who would strangle the infant at birth,
Stifle science with their ignorance and lies,
Their gut reaction screams of Genocide!
And protestations that the right to breed
Without check or control is sacrosanct;
Should we not face the issue with quiet reason
And apply logic to it as we would
To any other problem found in science?

Five billion souls inhabit this planet,
And every day two hundred thousand more
Are brought into the world, can we go on
Increasing at this exponential rate?
The land is finite, so too is the sea;
And resources grow scarcer all the while,
We cannot yet begin to colonise
The Solar System, much less worlds beyond.
This means either that more people must die,
Or more as yet unborn must so remain:
Which of these choices is the least humane?

So! Let us end all fratricidal wars
And phoney liberation struggles now,
Concentrating on the problems at hand:
How to feed those who live in hunger yet,
And at the same time curb their reckless breeding:
A fine legacy their children will reap.

A system must be introduced whereby
The lower elements of every race
Are permitted one child or none at all,
While the ablest of women whose careers
Take precedence over family life
Are given encouragement and support
To raise large broods of fine quality stock.

Criminals, and defectives with weak genes
Must be sterilised by the government,
Yes! They must be compensated, of course,
Financially, and in other ways too,
But the idea they have a right to breed,
That any individual or group
That is so capable has such a right
Is a belief erroneous and cruel,
And one which, if allowed to circulate
To the extent of being recognised
As nothing less than universal law
Can, and will drag our civilization
Into decline, decay and extinction.

Hearken my words well gentlemen, for you
Are guilty of neglecting your duty,
You have allowed a ragbag mob of rogues,
Bigots and agitators of the left
To bully you into your present course
Where you would even deny race exists,
And where honest scientists are rebuked
Or even punished for their making known
The results of their researches where these
Are not politically acceptable.

The new Inquisition reigns, reigns supreme,
And he who dares to speak above the mob
Will find his voice drowned in a sea of jeers,
But his voice is (need not be) raised alone
If others who share his views also share
His courage, and lend to his their support.

Come then, fine men of science, join as one
And proclaim the way forward, while there’s time:
Eugenics, Gateway to the Higher Man -
And the salvation of our finite world.

Hearken, and act on everything I’ve said...
I have spoken, now I must take my leave.

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