The Fifty States

California, Colorado, Arkansas, Louisiana,
Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Montana,
Maryland, New York, Nebraska,
Georgia, Maine, Vermont, Alaska,
Delaware and Indiana,
Kansas, Utah, Alabama.

Illinois and Minnesota,
Idaho, North, South Dakota,
West Virginia, plain Virginia,
Arizona, Tennessee,
And Hawaii and Iowa,
And Missouri and Kentucky,
Michigan, and if you’re lucky
Massachusetts you will see.

Which takes us to Ohio,
And to Florida, New Jersey,
And Connecticut, New Hampshire,
Carolinas North and South.
Oregon, onto Nevada,
And Wisconsin and Wyoming,
And to Texas where our roaming
Leaves us foaming
At the mouth.

But we’ve still got three to go:
Washington, New Mexico
And Rhode Island is the lot;
Fifty States we’ve toured: Mein Gott!

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