The Feminist

She’s so easy to vex,
Any mention of sex,
Any reference to something that’s male;
Put a tit or a bum
On page three of The Scum
And like a Jewess, watch her wail.

She supports dikes and gays;
Hates Apartheid; she says
Racism is the ultimate sin;
And the odd token black
Has invaded her crack
So ashamed is she of her white skin.

She campaigns on the left,
Wealth like property’s theft,
To the unworthy she would apportion
Equal shares with aplomb,
Ban the hydrogen bomb,
Cos it’s genocide - unlike abortion.

Watch her scream in mock rage
At the nude on the page,
At police who investigate rape;
She drinks pints like a man,
F’s and blinds with élan,
So much so she leaves navvies agape.

For the poor and oppressed
She’s outraged and distressed,
And the fascists to her are the pits;
She smokes grass, goes to blues,
And hangs out with the Jews,
Niggers, Trots and all radical shits.

She’s a typical red,
Not a thought in her head,
Save her class struggle, fought on two fronts,
For both men and the rich
Are oppressing this bitch,
And her sisters: poor feminist cunts!

[The above was first published in Scatoligicus Eroticum, February 1993.]

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