The Fearful Master

Workers control has always been the bait,
The caring, ie total state.
Take from the rich and redistribute, yes,
By taxing to excess,
And by controlling everything we do,
Beware: the Fearful Masterís watching you.

Freedom, equality and liberty,
But only by degree,
Racist, fascist, sexist, ageist censored,
Tolerance sponsored
By banning golliwogs and purging books
Of stereotyped looks.
Free speech? thatís now a joke, a worthless tag.
Beware: the Fearful Masterís tightíning gag.

United Nations: such a worthy cause,
But four hundred wars
Have been fought since the forties; whatís its use?
Genocide conventions and abuse
Of sovereign nations; on the one-world bus.
To rule benignly over us
May be what they intend, but hear me clear:
The Fearful Master rules by force and fear.

War in the Falklands, and again weíre proud
Of being British, sing aloud
Britannia rules: the fascists must be smashed,
(Also the unions), but when itís passed
Remember theyíll be patriots so long,
And then theyíll sing a very different song:
United Europe - all aboard the ship,
And feel the Fearful Masterís tightening grip.

No communists control our government,
True, but donít relent;
The enemies of freedom are abroad,
And heed my words
They know no bounds, theyíre red, blue, left and right,
And often in plain sight,
For every statute passed is one more link
Controlling what we do, and say, and think.

A camera here and there for crowd control,
But theyíve another goal,
It isnít just the riot mob they spy on,
But pressure groups galore, you can rely on
That; donít ask me why or how,
Rather: whoís reading your dossier now?
The caring state - big government, red, or blue,
Beware: the Fearful Masterís watching you.

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