Ted Petrossi And Serial False Accusing Lunatic Amy Knorr

March 22, 1996: Amy Knorr tells hynotherapist Ron Palmer she was raped by Ted Petrossi.

After his conviction was overturned, Petrossiís case was reported by the Salt Lake Tribune; it also made the National Registry Of Exonerations, as can be seen from the report below. In the newspaper, Knorrís surname is (mis)spelt Norr.

It is not clear when this aggravated rape didnít happen, but Palmer reported it immediately, and Petrossi was arrested at once.

Knorr refused a rape kit, an obvious RED FLAG.

Petrossi was not the first man Knorr had accused of rape; according to the aforementioned Salt Lake Tribune article of November 15, 1998, she had accused her father of abusing her in Satanic rituals. She had also falsely accused her stepfather, her husband, a former boyfriend, and a woman!

In 1987, a man from California was charged with raping her in a motel room at Orem, Utah, where she and Petrossi were living in 1996. In 1987, she was 15 years old; her maiden name was Johnson. Amy Johnson, would you believe! All the same, this should have been picked up by the authorities.

Fortunately for Petrossi, she went on to accuse his former and future brother-in-law of raping her in almost identical circumstances, again refusing a rape kit. The man had a cast iron alibi. (At that time, Petrossi had been divorced by his wife Jana, but the couple later remarried). Knorr fled the state and does not appear to have been held to account for her crimes.

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