GEMMA GREGORY — Serial False Rape Accuser

February 1998: In the Plymouth area, teenager Gemma Gregory accuses Paul Haslam of rape. He appears to have been cleared because they were not alone in the house at the time of the alleged rape.

She goes on to make no fewer than seven more false rape allegations.

The report below is from the London Times.

According to one report in the Western Daily Press, her eighth allegation was made May 22, 2006; a second report gives it as May 23, 2006. As this report is both later and more detailed, I would say this is the correct date, although this is not important.

She was said to have allegedly been raped at her home address and to have repeated that claim in a video interview three days later.

She admitted a false allegation in June 2002, but made what appears to have been false allegation number seven in 2004.

By the time she made her May 2006 allegation, the police had finally gotten wise to her and warned her if she was lying she would face prosecution. She finally admitted the lie on September 5, 2006.

Unbelievably she was given a non-custodial sentence at Plymouth Crown Court.

Note too the statutory flim-flam at the end of the article below about the real danger of false allegations.

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