November 23, 1994: Catherine June Bagley confesses to Detective Ron Woods. She had claimed she had been raped, presumably very recently. She admitted too that rape allegations - plural - she had made in 1993, were likewise false. She was said to have made these allegations hoping to get free lodging, but probably not in the Hernando County Jail where she was currently residing.

Itís easy to laugh at women like this, but although she was only 31, this sounds very much like a homeless woman, and obviously a none too attractive one.

The above information was extracted from Police claim rape report a hoax published in The Tampa Tribune, FINAL Edition, page 2.

The above article was accessed here through NewsBank.

Information gathered from another source reveals her to be white, born at Milwaukee on January 2, 1963. She was arrested February 6, 2006 for simple battery at which time her address was given as 15820 Archer Street, Hudson, Florida, an assisted housing project.

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