SANDRA HARRIS — Believe me, I’m a lesbian!

November 1989: You couldn’t make this one up, but she did! Lesbian Sandra Harris has sex with David Sheedy hoping to get pregnant. She told her lover Alison Westcott she’d been raped. She told the police too, and an innocent man called Nigel Kennedy (not the famous violinist) was arrested when Westcott saw a man matching the description of the phantom assailant. Harris identified him falsely as the non-existent rapist. This poor bloke spent 18 days behind bars before he was cleared by DNA. When the police finally arrested Sheedy, the truth came out, and at the Central Criminal Court on August 5, 1991, Harris was given a 15 month sentence with 9 months suspended after pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice.

The Harris case is discussed in this November 1991 article by Edward G. Lawrence from The New Law Journal called Sex cases: abolition of corroboration rule.

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