Charmaine Pfender And Sara Richardson

August 7, 1984: Lesbian lovers Charmaine Pfender and Sara Mae Richardson go for a drive with two Turkish students. Pfender shoots one of them dead; the other manages to escape. Pfender and Richardson bury the dead man in the woods. After their arrest, they play THE RAPE CARD, but the jury is not swayed. Three decades on, Pfender supporters - the usual braindeads - attempt to portray her as the victim, but in dismissing her 1988 appeal, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania stated: “this man was shot and killed, these two women then tried to bury him, and then chased the other man through the woods, trying to kill him, like a wild animal...This was a wanton killing that arouses no signs of mercy from this Court.”

There is a fault in the linked PDF file, something that is unavoidable sometimes. The bottom of page 2/top of page 3 reads as follows:

“We thus hold that the trial court did not abuse its discretion in refusing appellant’s motion.

Appellant next contends...”

In any case, the link to the original can be found at the end of the document, and this has been archived by the WayBack Machine.

In recent years, Pfender has been back in the news as the usual suspects campaign for her release claiming she was a) acting in self-defense, ie resisting rape, and b) a victim of childhood sexual abuse as well. Yawn. Curiously, there has been no similar campaign for Richardson, although at the time of writing - April 2019 - she still appears to be alive.

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