A tale amazing and sickening in equal measure. On Christmas Day, 1998, three young girls visit an octogenarian on their own initiative; they are aged 11 to 16 but are clearly not sugar and spice. In spite of their young ages, they have been drinking alcohol and are carrying bottles of vodka. After bluffing their way in they proceed to take liberties with this clearly vulnerable man, and when he asks them to leave they say they will tell people he raped them. They do precisely that, they tell one man at any rate, teenager Daryl Jee, who confronts the victim at ten o’clock the next night, forces his way in, and smashes the place up.

Prior to this he had gone to the wrong house and vandalised a car when no one answered the door. Jee was tried at a lower court, in Nuneaton on January 25, 1999 where he pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal damage and one of unlawful entry, see below. WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KIDS TODAY?

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