JIMMY McDOWELL — A Woman Soaped Scorned

December 23, 1988: At Fresno, California, a woman is allegedly raped by Jimmy McDowell, at least that is what she tells the police. Not unnaturally, he tells a different story. The two had had consensual sex but on condition he paid with crack cocaine. After getting what he wanted, he passed off a chunk of soap on her for a rock of the drug. No jokes about dirty bitches, please!

He told her not to smoke at his house because his family would notice the smell, but half hour after she left she phoned him and swore revenge.

Initially, McDowell avoided arrest but wisely turned himself in. Credible witnesses confirmed no rape had happened, and she dropped the case although she still insisted she was raped. Meanwhile, Jimmy boy had only been released from prison on December 6, so was headed back there for a parole violation, which was probably what she wanted when she reported him. Dude, you were ASKING FOR IT. According to NewsBank, the report below was written by Alex Pulaski and was published in the HOME Edition, page B3.

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