September 4, 1999: Peh Wan Shien attends KK Women’s And Children’s Hospital, Singapore. She is bleeding profusely. No, not from her nose. She claimed she had been raped, and was advised to file a police report. She did, and this led to the arrest of her boss Andrew Chow, who was only a year older. Thankfully, the truth soon came out.

The report below appears in The Straits Times EARLY EDITION, page 62, but here is an extract:

“On Sept 3, he drove her to a hotel despite her protests. ‘Inexplicably, the defendant felt compelled to submit to his will and followed him into the room where Andrew... had sex with her’”

Shien was said to be of limited intelligence. That much I can believe. She was fined $1,000 in May 2000.

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