JANE DOE FROM GEORGIA — Are Liars Rape Victims?

October 4, 1993: A university employee in Georgia phones a friend and claims to have been raped. Her friend collects her, and this (phantom) rape is reported to Athens-Clarke police. Three days later she claims she wasn’t really kidnapped by a stranger but claims instead she was raped by a man she knew. She does not name this man for the obvious reason.

She doesn’t face prosecution but she is facing public humiliation, so she goes to court to block the release of her name. What happens next is incredible. The case goes to the Court of Appeals of Georgia. Here is the judgment.

Not everybody was happy with this, and on December 9, 1994, an editorial, ARE LIARS RAPE VICTIMS?, in the Augusta Chronicle read in part:

“Remarkably, rape-victim advocates hailed the ruling, although one would think they’d be the first to want to discourage phony rape reports which, after all, undermine the credibility of, and divert attention from, real rape victims”.

Having read this far, you’ll realise how wrong that editorial is.

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