February 1996: This is another sad case from Scotland, one that was actually raised in Parliament.

Stephen McLaughlin has sex with former girlfriend Elidh Connell. At 2am the following day he is arrested. Connell withdraws the allegation, saying she made it to make her boyfriend jealous. Go figure. She is charged with wasting police time, and pleads not guilty.

In February 1997, she appears at Ayr Sheriff Court where it takes a jury just fifteen minutes to convict her. She is given 240 hours community service and a heavy fine. In October 1997, on his sisterís birthday, Stephen McLaughlin drove to a remote spot in the Galloway Forest and killed himself; he was 23 years old.

This file includes details of another alleged rape with a different outcome, and an attack on a QC for the crime of giving women common sense advice. You may have to save to disk and resize it using your PDF viewer in order to read it.

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