Four articles from The Police Surgeon, April 1979

This issue of the Journal Of The Association Of Police Surgeons Of Great Britain is devoted largely to sexual offences - real and imagined.

At this link, the reader will find the following articles:

Rape and False Accusations of Rape by Neil M. Maclean.
Sexual Offences Examination Forms by F.R. Lewington and R.L. Williams.
Metropolitan Police Laboratory Examination Kit Sexual Offences by Myles D.B. Clarke.
Sexual Offences — A Critical Appraisal of the Forensic Examiner by S.H. Burgess.

The above are listed in order of publication. They were all written by medical professionals.

First, as usual my apologies for the quality of the scans. I spent considerable time on these including many retakes, but some of the pages are less than perfect. The apparent glare on page 32 for example, was all but insurmountable.

The first article reports an interesting six year study (1969-74) from the Clydebank area. It begins by quoting Sir Matthew Hale. I must say, I don’t like Maclean’s definition of rape at all:

“the carnal knowledge of a female by a male person obtained by overcoming her will”

What if her will is overcome by a rather large donation to her bank account?

Then he makes some personal observations that are most interesting and in line with traditional (ie real) rape.

Real rapes are reported promptly! This does not mean false ones never are, nor that genuine victims never delay, but it is the old story, if it walks and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck.

Alcohol figures heavily in both genuine and false reports.

Real victims tend to be dishevelled, as do their clothes.

Real victims have bruises!

The next two articles are purely technical in nature and do not discuss false allegations. I have included them because they may be of interest to the reader, although nowadays such information is easy to find on-line, including some quite graphic videos.

The final article, by Burgess, is also interesting. He doesn’t think much of the then nascent Rape Counselling And Research Project (now Rape Crisis) or the sexual grievance industry generally. In this connection, he makes a very interesting point about the relevance of the sexual history of alleged victims - real victims in this case, in particular those raped by the so-called Cambridge Rapist.

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