August 7, 1997: In the small hours, Irish national Annette Mangan is making out with a man she met on the island of Cyprus. There are conflicting accounts of what happened next, but it appears the two were not alone, and when she realised one of the others was taking photographs, she made a false allegation of rape which resulted in the arrest of 3 Irish soldiers.

The local police were on the ball, and by 11 that night they were challenging her version of events. It is unclear if she actually had sex with her liaison, but she was certainly not raped. Her sister claimed she thought she had been raped - yeah, sure. According to one report she was “confused and humiliated” and felt as though she had been “raped psychologically, if not physically.”

She pleaded guilty to making a false rape allegation and wasting police time. She was given a four month sentence. This and the Warburton case (August 25, 1997 below) were widely reported at the time.

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