IDA MARGERRISON — Small Time Professional Criminal And False Rape Accuser

1923: Ida Margerrison alias Doreen Taylor falsely accuses a man of rape.

Ida Margerrison was born at Burton-on-Trent; her birth was registered in the March quarter of 1903.

Apart from the article below, I have been unable to find any information at all about this case, but the bigger mystery is what a woman with such a rare and alluring name as Ida Margerrison would choose to call herself Doreen Taylor. Apart from the obvious criminal reason, that is. In 1927, she married a bloke named McCarthy at Saint Pancras. Small world, thatís where I researched her case! Prior to that, she spent some time on the lam, and some time in prison.

She was said to have been fair haired and good looking. In August 1923, she appeared as a defence witness in a case which saw two men accused of being involved in a violent altercation with the police at Tottenham Court Road, Central London. Shortly after that she was arrested on the Isle of Wight; she was said to have corrupted a young woman named Mabel Watson; reading between the lines of one report, this entailed spending the night with strange men. Although this can be called a form of prostitution, it is quite a way up from soliciting on street corners. Shortly, she found herself charged with perjury as well, apparently for using a false name in connection with the aforementioned court case in which she had appeared as a defence witness.

When she appeared at the Central Criminal Court on her own account, October 22, she was said to have swooned in the dock. Something tells me that crafty Ida was not the swooning kind.

The article below appeared in the Daily Mail, October 9, 1924, page 5.

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