July 1984: Danny Garrels is arrested after a disturbance at his home in Belleview, Florida, and in the presence of police officers confesses to raping an 11 year old girl. This is a very interesting case because it shows that while you canít always believe women who claim theyíve been raped, you canít always believe men who confess to it either. Garrels was tried in July 1985 when he was found not guilty by reason of insanity, but the medical evidence indicated that no rape was committed. It appears that Garrels, who although only in his 30s had suffered a heart attack. He also had a low IQ, and had mixed his medication with alcohol which caused a toxic psychosis - ie had caused him to suffer delusions. This article appeared in the Ocala Star-Banner, July 22, 1985. File Mr Garrels under HEAD CASE.

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