July 4, 1990: At Saint John, Missouri, teenager Stacey Lannert murders her own father.

This case attracted a lot of publicity including a documentary in the American Justice series which was screened in 2004, five years before outgoing Missouri Governor Matt Blunt commuted her sentence.

My review of said documentary can be found below.

Here is an appellate judgment.

Lannert is a real piece of work, as bad as the Menéndez brothers because she roped in her own younger sister to lie for her.

Over the years, the lies have grown with the retelling, something the gullibles allude to as phased disclosure. Shortly after her release from prison, Lannert told Joan Martelli of ABC News that her father knew about her forging his name on his cheques and credit cards. The Eighth Circuit found otherwise. Why not just give her the money?

Furthermore, if she had been raped repeatedly from such a young age, there would have been physical evidence, she would almost certainly have told her mother or someone, there would have been an examination, and her father would have been behind bars. Check out the shocking case of Alicia Wade to see what happens when such a young child is raped.

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