June 17, 1986: In quashing the rape conviction of David Cox at Dudley Crown Court, the Court of Appeal hears the alleged victim had previously accused a man of rape, although not apparently to the police. The circumstances were that Cox left her flat at 8am, after which she was rejoined by her boyfriend. She did not tell him she had been raped until after 11pm. When Cox was arrested, he told the police they’d had consensual sex. Neither they nor the jury believed him; at trial he sought to adduce evidence that she had lied to her boyfriend about being raped on a previous occasion. She had then had sex with a man named Steven while her boyfriend was away, and Steven had told him! She had then told her boyfriend she had been raped by Steven. That allegation was false. The trial judge had not allowed this to be introduced in evidence; the Court of Appeal took issue with this. Thus we appear to have another two-time false rape accuser.

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