KERRY THOMAS — curry and coitus

June 10, 2007: In Wolverhampton, Kerry Thomas cries rape.

This is another false rape tale you couldn’t make up, although the slut concerned did just that. Kerry Thomas is dining out in an Indian restaurant with the man in her life and her daughter. For some reason she leaves the restaurant - to smoke a cigarette? - starts talking to a bloke outside, then goes down an alley and has sex with him. Just like that. There is no suggestion of money changing hands. After this ultra-quick knee trembler, she goes back to the restaurant and dials 999. The police turn up, and the following afternoon she makes a formal statement. There is no mention of a MEDICAL EXAMINATION, much less a rape kit. Her curry was probably getting cold.

She tells plod she was attacked by an Asian man, which prompts them to arrest a member of the restaurant staff, and get this, even though he is shown to be 100% innocent, the poor bloke loses his job. After a press statement is issued, her three minute shag comes forward, and is arrested. Eventually, she comes clean, and is given a 32 month sentence at Wolverhampton Crown Court reduced to 18 months on appeal.

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