March 29, 1991: A woman meets baseball player Dwight Gooden in a nightclub at Jupiter, Florida, and goes home with him.

She claims to have been raped repeatedly in the early hours of the following morning by Gooden, Daryl Boston and Vince Coleman.

After being raped she showers and makes the bed before leaving, then four days later after she has returned to her New York home, she realises what has happened but does not file an official complaint until March 3, 1992!

You can read all about it here.

So what happened?

The most likely explanation is that as in the December 2017 Rodney Anderson case this woman had consensual sex with one, or possibly all three of these men, then rewrote this experience in her mind as rape.

This is easily done, unconsciously or otherwise, even without some imbecile from a rape crisis center telling her she was raped if she didnít really want to have sex (or changed her mind afterwards).

David Cone, who was one of the witnesses in this case, was himself falsely accused of rape later the same year, (see entry for October 5, 1991).

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