COLUMBUS, OHIO — Virginia McGuire And Some Statistics

The information on this page was extracted from this article by Bruce Cadwallader from The Columbus Dispatch, March 15, 1991, Home Final Edition, page 01D, (NewsBank).

First the specific, then the general:

Virginia McGuire is allegedly raped by her lover Mark Henry. He is said to have threatened her with both a shotgun and a knife.

This was kind of a strange relationship because McGuire was a mother of two, and Henry had testified against her, apparently in some sort of family court case, which resulted in her losing the custody of her two children. This provides an OBVIOUS MOTIVE for the false allegation.

Henry takes the allegation very badly, and drinks anti-freeze, which leads to him being hospitalised. He was unconscious for four days and clearly lucky to survive. When he is discharged from Riverside Methodist Hospital on March 6, Henry is arrested and held on a charge of felony rape.

McGuire is an alcoholic like Henry, which was probably why she lost her kids, but she is obviously not a total cunt, and after seeing what she had done, she fesses up. A sad case all round.


The same article says there were 708 reports of rape last year. For Columbus, not for Ohio! In 1990, the city had a population of less than 640,000; Ohio had a population of just under eleven million, and 790 seems a lot for that.

Whatever, 49 of those reports were said to be unfounded while 270 were cleared because victims decided not to prosecute or because the evidence was too weak. If youíve read this far, youíll know the reason why most victims decide not to prosecute. If you donít, check out the video on this page.


In the same article we are told that in the year to date - presumably March 13 or 14 - there were 18 reported rapes with 6 of them being unfounded. The observant reader will have noticed a staggering drop in the number of reports, which suggests one set of these figures is wrong.

Finally, reference is made to a rape fabricated by an Ohio State University student. This was probably Michelle Yentes, who was not attacked by a black sexual predator on October 24, 1989. (See entry on the main Timeline).

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