JOHN QUATTROCCHI — Repressed Memory Madness In Rhode Island

In 1978, the Rhode Island attorney John E. Quattrocchi III begins dating an unnamed single mother; at that time, her daughter (known pseudonymously as Gina) was 3 or 4 years old. In 1992, the clearly disturbed Gina begins experiencing flashbacks concerning sexual abuse, and in May that year she went to the police. She said she recalled two incidents when she was 7 and 9. Her relationship with Quattrocchi had continued until 1991! Quattrocchi was tried and convicted; in June 1994, he was given a forty year sentence. In 1996, the Supreme Court of Rhode Island granted his appeal. In 1999, the Court ruled against a retrial.

It should be pointed out both that Quattrocchi had actually been charged with a very minor indecent assault on an underage girl in November 1981, and that Gina had later accused someone else of molesting her. The grand jury refused to indict Quattorcchi in that case, and such an allegation is never minor for the accused, however insignificant it may be in reality.

It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that hearing about the 1981 incident may have been what triggered the false memories of abuse - he did that to me, too!

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