VIOLENCE AGAINST WIMMIN — Propaganda For Proper Geese

March 21, 1991: Violence Against Women: The Increase of Rape in America 1990 is published.

The above document is an hysterical piece of feminist propaganda disguised as an official American Government document. Where to begin?

Page 14: Were American women really 20 times more likely to be raped than in Portugal, 26 times more likely than in Japan, and 15 times more likely than in England?

Page 15: And here we go again “...rape is the crime least often reported to the authorities”.

One more time, how does anyone know? And if rape is so difficult to report, why are false rapes so easy to report? Incredibly, the word false does not appear once in the entire document.

On page 27, the subject of unreported rapes is addressed by Experts. One of these experts is Mary Koss. Nuff said!

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