Interrogation by Alan Firth

Below is a scan of the above titled article from the November 28, 1975 issue of Police Review, page 1507.

First, as ever, my apologies for the poor quality of the scan, but the article is of interest for our purposes only from the subtitle The customer is always right.

This is an excellent article by a bloke who knows what he is talking about. This is evident not only because he was a detective sergeant but from the reaction of the sisterhood who have branded his approach bad, to put it mildly.

Note he is quite cynical about not only false accusers but about those who are justly accused.

His observation about children is spot on; I would add only that those of a certain age may have difficulty discerning truth from fiction, something from which police officers suffer at times.

His reference to the condition of victims is likewise spot on:

“...except in the case of a very young child, the offence of rape is extremely unlikely to have been committed against a woman who does not immediately show signs of extreme violence”.

None of this “I just froze” crap from him.

His reference to the Judges’ Rules is now obsolete; these were replaced by PACE.

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